I bought my first DSLR in mid 2011 to take better pictures of my kids playing sports.  I practiced capturing the action on not only my own kids but on their teammates as well.   One thing led to another and in 2012 I began to learn all I could about photography. In the Spring of 2013 I started freelancing for The Independent Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County Newspaper. In 2015 and 2016 I worked for GoFlashWin.com working as a sports photographer. Because I am a mom and cherish any action shot of my kids, I strive to capture great action shots for parents who want to keep these memories forever.  Currently I am a doing some freelancing and traveling now that my kids are graduated.

I not only enjoy sport photography, but am very passionate about nature and landscape photography. I find a little piece, or rather “peace”, of heaven in the beauty of this world.  What can I say? I am addicted to beauty and light. Being a rather quiet person, photography allows me a way of expressing what I don’t say verbally. My goal is to capture not only the beauty of Light in this world, but also share her emotions, her moods, her story. I hope that while looking at some of the images in my gallery, you will also experience the same peace that passes all understanding as I do in this incredibly, beautiful world that is ours to enjoy.

Kristy Ann

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