My Favorite of 2014

Another year in the books!  I feel like it was just a few months ago that I was compiling my favorite images from 2013. Life is getting faster and faster. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite images from 2014. It usually is a hard process to weed down to a few of my favorites, however, this year wasn’t difficult at all because I didn’t travel as much.  Some of the images probably shouldn’t be in here, but with a few of them I just said screw it, and so they are in there!  It’s sometimes hard to be objective when they’re your own images because of the story and emotions that come with it.  So here is 14 from 2014.  These aren’t in any kind of order, they are simply the photos that I like best.  Hope you enjoy them.

topof20141. Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park, CA

Panorama1-2I went to Death Valley in November.  I was so happy to get a pretty sunrise after a restless cold night of “sleeping” in my car.  When I arrived to Zabriskie Point it was dark and already full of photogs all hoping the thick clouds would part for some color in the sky at sunrise.  None of us left disappointed that morning.  This is my first panoramic image that I have attempted.  I think it turned out nicely.

2. The Great Smoky Mountain, National Park, TN

DSC_7050Fall time in the Smoky’s is the best!  So is spring and winter! I love the Smoky’s any season, but find myself always planning a trip in the fall to seek out the amazing colors.  This year I was one week too early for the peak colors, however when I came across this scene I was a happy girl.

3.   Lee Flats, Death Valley National Park, CA



I wanted to try out a new spot in Death Valley that I hadn’t been to yet and so I went to Lee Flats.  I love Joshua Trees, and I heard there was a valley full of them.  The drive was a long and rough one, but to me it was worth it.  I do want to go back here to shoot the trees at dusk or dawn and do some night photography as well when I come back in the future.

4. Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park, CA


There were plenty of photogs at this spot on this morning.  There were few talking quietly, while others, like myself, were just trying to stay warm and wake up a little bit more.  Then I brok the quiet chatter with a very loud… “oh sh..!!!” as my tripod and camera took a spill and started a slight slide until a nice lady could stop it for me.  That moment of panic, that hush in the air and all eyes are on you… ugh, I hate that! So, I jumped over the wall to see if my camera was going to work again or if she was kaput.  I look at the lens, I dust her off and set her back up on her legs and tested her out… She worked!!  And all the people exhaled with me in relief…. Then the color exploded and I got this image! woohoo.  Thank you very nice lady who stopped my camera!

5. The Valley of Fire State Park, NV



Ending my trip in Death Valley always means a short trip to the Valley of Fire before I hop on a plane for home out of Las Vegas.  I love this place.  I thought I would have more time here, but I came the day they were setting up for the half marathon.  They closed before sunset and were closed that next morning! Sad for me, but I got to do some exploring.  I really enjoyed the half day I got. Can’t wait to go back.

6. Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park, CA



I was heading down to my car  after a morning of shooting Zabriskie Point when I noticed the lighting totally change.   It was beautiful! So I just stood there taking in the view turning in all directions.  Then I saw this lonely bench just screaming at me to come and sit down with her and enjoy the incredible surroundings.  After I took this image I did just that.  I sat and quieted my soul.  Truth be told, life has been a little tough these last few months.  I now have this image as my wallpaper on the desktop to remind me to “sit and be still” in the storms of life.  For in that stillness is when I find Light, Peace and Rest and know that I am never alone.

7. Wild Mustang on Corolla, NC


I have wanted to see the wild horses of the Outer Banks in NC ever since I have heard of them.  So in Oct I got my chance.  My husband and I had our 4×4 truck with us so we drove out on Corolla in search of the wild beauties.  It wasn’t until we gave up and was on our way back that they came out.  I hope to take a workshop soon where I can focus totally on capturing the beauty of these amazing creatures.

8. Somewhere in NC


Not at all sure where this was taken but I do know it was on one of my water breaks in NC when I was on my ‘Head to Head’ bike trip.  (I rode my bike from Nags Head, NC to Hilton Head, SC in Oct)  It was taken with a little point-and-shoot camera.  I wish there was a scratch and sniff app so that you could smell the wonderful salty marsh air…

9.  The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC


Clingman’s Dome at sunrise.  It was pretty cool seeing the clouds roll in over my head that morning.  However, the wind!!! Wow.

10.  Arthur Ravenal Bridge, Charleston, SC


Love this bridge!  I got to ride my bike across her on my Head to Head bike trip.  It was by far the best bride and safest that I road over.  I shot this in April right after I dropped off my son at the Citadel on one of our short weekend visits with him.  I hope to get there during a sunset sometime this year.

11.  The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tremont, TN


Tremont… Love this place!  I met up with some friends this fall and we came to shoot here.  It’s great shooting with like-minded people!  I learn more each time I am with these guys and I have a lot of fun too.  It’s nice seeing everyone’s take on the same area.

12. Arthur Ravenal Bridge, Charleston, SC


After huffing and puffing to get to the top of this bride on my bike, I took out my trusty iPhone and grabbed this shot.  I kind of like this.


13. The Valley of Fire State Park, NV


I was wandering in the Valley of Fire trying to find a specific huge colorful rock and ended up here.  Sometimes getting turned around can be fun because you can discover different places other than your objective.

14.  MY FAVORITE, Kaitie my Lady



What can I say about her other than she is simply beautiful, smart, witty, fun, and has changed my world?  She graduated this June and now is doing great in college.  I am proud to be the only woman fortunate enough to be called her mom! This girl rocks!

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at what I love to do.

Please leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite. I would love to hear from you.  Also submit to my blog. Thanks again, and hope you have a wonderful 2015!



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Fall in the Smoky’s

It has been a funny year of hardly any travel until now.  I just wrapped up a trip from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to enjoy the Fall colors. Usually I travel and shoot alone, but this time it was fun to meet up with a great group of like-minded friends and spend the weekend shooting together.  We spend time in two of my favorite spots in the park,  Tremont and Cade’s Cove. I also went by myself up to Clingmans Dome for sunrise one morning and then I found a little waterfall by the side of the road that captivated my attention for a while.  I missed the prime colors by a week again this year.  Hopefully, next year I will get my timing right.  It was still beautiful as ever and I got to soak up some of  natures beauty that always helps me renew my mind.  Here are some of my images from this trip.  Hope you enjoy.

DSC_7097 DSC_7112 DSC_7340DSC_6950DSC_7103DSC_7050 DSC_7400

Lacy bark

Lacy bark



Dancing Tree

Dancing Tree

Last sunset

Cades Ablaze

I leave next week for CA.  I am really looking forward to seeing my nieces and nephew, and my sis of course. After I see them I will head to Death Valley and immerse myself in this geological heaven.

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Top 12 of 2013

I know this is late, but now that I have a fully organized, working and backed up computer I figured it was time to finish up this project I started shortly after Christmas before my computer went kaput!  Back in October I spoke to someone about how I was a little disappointed with my year as a “photographer” because many of my plans never came to fruition.  The conversation just left me a little hollow, because it was then I realized I was just letting a few of my life’s hardships put a damper on my overall view of 2013 .  In reality when I look back at the images I have captured and created, it has been a very good year for me photographically speaking. Throughout last year I continued to learn a lot by trial and error, reading, and tutorials.  I spent the majority of my camera shooting time at a local high school shooting sports.  So even though I might not have checked off places I wanted to get to this past year, I really did have a good year shooting, and I feel like I am advancing. I am eager to see where I am at this time next year.   I chose these 12 because I just like them… and because they have a little of me in them.   Thanks for having a look!

Click on any of the images to view a larger version.

1.  Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park, CA 

Divine Romance

When I arrived at the dunes, I had no idea what was in store for me that night. This was my best night in 2013 hands down, not just because of the gorgeous light show that I witnessed by because of who I was with.  I am never alone, and this night I was happy to just be with my Creator.


2.  The Valley of Fire State Park, NV

Life is a Highway

I need to go back here… This road is crazy fun and I hope to ride it on a bike one day! I wanted to do something different from just a normal road shot to show off how fun it  really is.  This photo is also my first photo EVER to be published! woohoo! Check out Camerapixo’s HotShots Vol2. I’m on page 41 😉

3. The New River Gorge, WV along the Big Branch Trail

Water Play

This is my favorite picture of the year.  :) After a very busy few months last spring and then watching my eldest son graduate high school, this was just the spot I needed to chill out and play a bit in the water.

4.  Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

Old and New

My medal of the day… I love what the weather and wind has done over the years to create beautifully shaped trees and canyons. On this day I wanted to hike in some snow and I got snow! I even bought those spike thingies you put on your shoes so you don’t slip… and lo and behold, they worked! I didn’t fall into the canyon at all! Amazing.  This was a great spot to stop and just capture the peacefulness that comes with a snowfall… as well as capture my breath because my husband speed hikes.  I swear we were hiking to win something at the pace he was setting that day. I expected a medal at the end of the trail.

5.  Las Vegas, NV

Vegas Baby

Vegas, Baby!!  My husband and I have two totally different opinions on Las Vegas, He hates it and I love it! I love a city with showy lights and traffic at night! I know, I know… “the creeps come out at night.”  But hey, I was out at night, so I guess he married a creep.  This was my first time in Vegas and my first time to shoot a city at night, so I am kind of partial to it. Hopefully I will be able to go back maybe in 2014 for the Rock-n-Roll Marathon and then more night shooting and long exposure images… and some fun.

6.  Zion National Park, UT

The Three Patriarchs

The Three Patriarch… My husband and I had just finished up a hike up to Angel’s Landing and were calling it a day. I had pretty much put the camera away because it had been raining most of the day and I knew there wouldn’t be a sunset to speak about… ok truth be told I was freezing and I just wanted a margarita at a local restaurant that was calling my name!  However, on leaving the park to get me a delicious margarita… the clouds parted and I knew this was my only night to get a sunset shot in Zion so it was now or wait until the next time I came back.  I grabbed my camera and left Scott to defrost in the car.  I got myself into my wandering mode and  I ended up here and a pretty happy girl. No sunset to talk about, but  I got a non-rainy picture in Zion plus my margarita later on!  All was right with the world… until we hit and killed a big Mule Deer.  Can you believe he was even at the Mule deer caution sign!

7.  Valley of Fire State Park, NV


I love this picture for two reasons, the moody clouds and what this picture screams at me whenever I look at it. I see everything I did wrong in this picture. So why does it make my Top 12 of 2013 list? Well that is why. Lessons I learn from this picture will make me a better photographer in 2014!  Biggest lesson here for me … Don’t be too focused on your objective that you forget to look behind you because it could be just as beautiful if not more so…(now the screaming part)… and speaking of FOCUS… “get your camera focused and learn your DOF ding dong!”

8.  Carlsbad, CA

Times like These

It’s times like these that I thank God for His Grace and Mercy… they are new every morning.  Lamentations 3:23  Most everyone knows that by living with people you often hurt them the most. Being able to spend time with my sister is a blessing to me.  As I sat at her hometown beach the morning I said goodbye to her, I was full of thankfulness that we have come so far in our relationship. Relationships are complicated, because each one of us is a complicated being. But when you find peace, it simplifies the most complicated situations. I love her and love being apart of her life… This one is for her!

9.  The Great Smoky National Park, TN



Going to the Smoky’s in the Fall is always a highlight of the year for me. My son actually picked this image out to go in the Top 12. I am thankful for his input and his support of me taking off on my own little adventures. Hopefully I can talk him into going along with me one day soon.  This one is for him.

10.   The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, TN (Cades Cove)

Misty Morning

This is of Spark’s Lane in Cades Cove. It is such a pretty lane in the spring all decked out in new Spring colors. I will find myself here for many Springs to come!

11.  Roan Mountain Highlands, NC

Jane Bald

This was a new place for me to explore this past year and I loved it, even though I was a week too early for the blooming rhododendrons.  I almost drove off that morning because it had been raining for two days straight in the area and was calling for 80% rain  on this day as well. But I waited it out for a bit and I am glad I did.  It is now on my bucket list to trek this section of the APT.   No camera, just me, my shoes, and water.

12.  Bryce Canyon National Park, UT


Standing tall…well trying too anyway!  and Yes, that snow was deep. Thigh deep on me in places.  But I am short so maybe it really wasn’t all that deep.

Hope you enjoyed!

Please leave a comment and/or subscribe to my Blog.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Here is a quick ‘year in review’ for 2013. We had a lot of twists and turns this year, but like always we made it fun.


Scott started out the year with more traveling overseas to AbuDhabi, UAE. In May he left his job at ADS and was between jobs for a few months. His contacts in Abu Dhabi offered him a job, so in July he kissed us all goodbye and moved there. In Aug he decided to give up the desert life and easy living of working out 3 times a day at the beautiful beaches to come home. He then started a sales job with Castle Medical in Sept and is now the VP of Sales for the Southeast division.  His “travel” now consist of going to FL, GA, NC, VA and WV for a few days, however neither of us see that as travel when compared to the last few years. We are all glad he is close to home now!


It was a very bittersweet year for me personally as a mom. The hardest thing that I had to do this year was say goodbye to my oldest son as he went off to college for the first time. That was also one of the happiest times as well. It is so cool to see him start a next chapter in life, but man do I miss seeing his face every morning and getting that morning and night hug from him…Photography wise, I have found myself standing on the sidelines of many high school games with my camera. A local paper asked me to shoot all of the Blythewood games that they cover. It has been fun to learn how to shoot the many different high school sports as well as make a little pocket-money… a first for me.  I did get to go to CA, UT, NV, TN, WV, and NC this year to satisfy my own need to travel and passion for landscape photography despite Scott’s travel and brief move to the UAE. I have been blessed with a family who appreciates my need to have time to do the things I love.  My favorite place was Death Valley, and I will be heading back there this Jan/Feb again.  Skydiving has to rank at the top of my list of exciting, fun, challenging, and rewarding things I did this year. I love it and am looking forward to going again this spring with some girlfriends. 



Derek is going to be 19 in a few days! Yikes! We watched him graduate from high school being at the top of his game, and then we packed him up to go off to college at the Citadel only to be stripped of his freedoms and his feelings of being all together. As of Oct 12th he has reached the bottom of the totem pole, which is a great accomplishment. Yes, there is a place below the bottom and he was in it during Hell week. It is refreshing to see that each week he gets stronger mentally as he faces so many new obstacles that are thrown at him.  We are proud of his new-found abilities to shine shoes, brass and clean floor (often times he is the human mop) and iron clothes! He has learned to balance his studies and all those other very important tasks as well as fit in 100’s of push ups and sit ups.  He has lost 32 lbs. in the last 100 days at school and his room has become the knob social hangout…go figure! It has been so nice to have him home for Christmas break. He is remembering what it feels like to be human again.



Kaitie is 17 and is a senior this year. She is busy with her social life and is working hard in school. She is gearing up for another spring season in Lacrosse. She has a break in-between classes where she comes home and I have really enjoyed that time with just her. She is so precious. I wish you all knew her like I do. I am really going to miss her wonderful personality when she goes off to USC-Beaufort or College of Charleston next fall. She has been blessed having an easy job this semester of picking up some kids after school and taking them home. Scott and I like this too as now she has her own spending money. She just got back from another trip in New York with her dad and really enjoyed herself. Life has been good to KT this year!



Aidan is 14 and a freshman in high school. He is still involved in baseball almost year round and is a hunting machine during hunting season. He is a very happy person and shows it everyday with his witty sense of humor. He has picked up where his brother left off with helping around the house, rat tailing me, and just hanging out. I enjoy our kitchen talks and am thankful for the mature person he is developing into. I am thinking of taking his phone away, though, so the girls will leave him alone! I was joking with him one day and asked him how many girls text him. He said, “too many to count!” I laughed, knowing he jokes a lot and said, “no, really, tell me.” He then started rattling off their names as he was scrolling down his text messages. I finally told him to stop! He laughed and said, “see… I told you so!”  That’s my Aidan! He is loving being 14.




May the Peace that passes all understanding be your strength this New Year!

 Hope y’all have a wonderful holiday season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our house to yours!

the fam

Be Blessed,



A i d a n

Kristy Ann



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Just a Mom with a Camera

Ok, funny story…

I am out at my son’s baseball game last weekend and I decided not to take any pictures of the first game because we were just kicking some butt and I really couldn’t call it a game… I really have to feel a game to be able to shoot it, this one… not so much… so I left my baby in the bag. I got up to get a drink for my son and someone says “hey, are you that photographer?” Frankly, it took me a little bit to process the  question because I am always ready for “hey, are you Aidan’s mom or Derek’s mom or Kaitie’s mom”… So when there wasn’t a ‘mom’ in that question I froze and didn’t really know how to respond. Then I heard photographer… Well, I don’t take that word lightly nor am I quick to call myself a photographer because I feel one must earn that title with many years of experience and I only have one and a half years under my belt. I did struggle to say yes, to the question, but I had to chuckle to myself because I see myself as just a mom with a camera when I am on any field shooting any sport even if my kid isn’t playing. I try to get that shot that I would want hanging on my refrigerator.  So a photographer? Not yet in my book. I have a few more years of learning before I can take on that title.

So how did I come to make a website for my sports pictures if I am just a mom with a camera?  When I bought my camera in 2011 I bought it with the intent to take better close up pictures of my kids playing sports. I hated the far away shots I got from my point-and-shoot camera that showed little people in the middle of a huge green field. I reached out to a few Photog friends that I knew from my high school and my college days and they all said the same thing… Camera body isn’t as important as the glass. They directed me to buying a fast lens (f/2.8).  I went all out and bought the best lenses I could for shooting sports as a mom from the sidelines. Once I got my new baby, I, of course, had to practice and so I began practicing not only on my kids but on their teammates as well. Last year while I was shooting baseball during the SCDI tournament we hosted in Blythewood, the local paper asked me to shoot a few for the paper. I was happy to do so. Since then I have been shooting a variety of sports for The Independent Voice.  It has been fun and very challenging to learn how to shoot the different sports like golf, tennis, football, and volleyball. Being a mom of three very active kids I love seeing any picture of my little darlings that anyone takes of them. It is for that reason I began a website for the sports I shoot.. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I have enjoyed taking them. If you see me on the field, say hi!DSC_8637 

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Feelin Alive!

I never once thought jumping out of a perfectly good airplane was a great idea growing up. If someone were to ask me to go skydiving several years ago because it was on their bucket list, I would’ve  told them to count this girl out because it was on my “NO FREAKIN WAY” list.  So how did I find myself dangling my legs out of a tiny airplane 14,000 ft in the air, strapped bum to cojones to a man I just met moments earlier, thinking “Thank God one of us has a pair!”???  I’d have to say that the last few years of life experiences has led me to this point. I decided a few years ago that I needed more to this life than what I had so I began my “Kristy Adventures”. Scary I know, as if life as a Massey isn’t adventure enough. It began with deciding to run a half marathon, then a full marathon, then another and another and many other half’s. I then tackled rock climbing, traveling alone, hiking alone, and biking across the state of SC alone.  All these things and others had their own fear attached to them.  I had to look that fear in the face and either enjoy the adventure with the fear, or walk away because the fear overcame me.  Now many things on my “No FREAKIN WAY” list are slowly moving over to my “BUCKET”  list. With each adventure I cross off  my list, I am learning to live life feeling alive. Fear will always be there. I just have to find fun ways to use that fear to empower me instead of succumb to the fear and halt my adventures. Over the last few years, I have been making my fear my strength to move me to the next level. I am learning to see fear as my friend who helps me get to where I want to go, instead of my foe.  Getting off that couch and out of the house and doing something you’re afraid of , this is what life is about! When I do that I feel like I am truly ALIVE!

So If you have skydiving on your “NO FREAKIN WAY” list, having been there myself, I encourage you to try it! You might love it, you might hate it, but YOU TRIED IT! For me it was one of the most fun experiences I have done so far.

Here’s to looking at my fear in its face with a smile!   Images are by Connor Bost. Here is a link if  you want to see all of my skydiving video experience.


Apparently as I was talking to my photographer, Scott and Paige talked to Danny about my inherent fear of heights and falling. He told me all I had to do was smile and let gravity and him do the rest. I think I can do that!

“Now I’M Free, Free Fallin”

Some thoughts flowing through my head: Really?, hang my legs out of the plane? dude no way…Wow, this is surreal, He seriously just skipped three…Holy (*#%&(@#!!!… OMG i am really doing this, whatever this is… falling, I guess, but i don’t feel like I am falling, breathe Kristy Ann, just keep breathing because it may be my last few breaths, why do my lungs really hurt and why do I feel like I have an elephant on my chest, this is freakin amazing, this doesn’t feel like falling, it feels more like being a dog sticking his head out the window while driving down the road going 120 mph, my cheeks better not be flapping for these pictures, that air dance with Connor is the most amazing dance EVER!,”Now I’m Free, Free Fallin” can we please do that again? Breathe Kristy, Breathe, surfing the clouds, hell yeah!, I’m a bird, I’m a Plane, I’m SuperMan!  I so want this to last, Dang it Danny, not yet… Wow! Danny knows how to put on the brakes! Dead silence… Peace, serenity…I’m in Awe as we take our time floating down. Danny then showed me how to steer the amazing contraption that allowed us to glide with the wind. He showed me where Paige and Scott were doing the same thing as well as the rain in the distance that was heading our way. The gliding down was actually my favorite part of the whole 5 minute experience, although hanging my legs out of the plane was a moment I will forever remember…That’s when time stood still and I was a tiny bit proud of myself for sitting there and looking at my fear in the face and saying “oh, hell yeah, watch this!!” as well as “Oh dear Jesus, protect us!”


Final Thoughts: I am an adrenaline junkie, and I have to this again!

The thrill of overcoming something that seems so big and so outrageous is the best feeling in life. It makes me feel like I am truly ALIVE.  So my advise to you, take on the things that you fear and live a little! Like my kids say… YOLO! You only live once!

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Before and After

I have to give a big shout out to John Barclay for taking the time to help me open my eyes on how to bring a lifeless image alive with Photoshop and Nik software.
After I posting the “Before” lifeless image of Sparks Lane in Cades Cove on Facebook, John was kind enough to offer me some tips on how to bring it to life without me soliciting his help. Needless to say, I was extremely happy he was willing to share his expertise. John went over and beyond just the “Hey, you should adjust levels and add contrast, etc…” and took his time to make me a short video on the steps he would take to help my image come alive. This has opened up a whole new way of editing for me and I am very excited to finally get started experimenting and playing with Photoshop CS6 and Nik software! I have finally finished all baseball projects and am eager to begin learning more about editing… I’m more eager, though, to get out and about and start shooting the beautiful outdoors again. I leave tomorrow for NC mountains and maybe make my way to WV for a few days with my traveling partner me, myself and I.  Then I head down to FL with the family to shoot baseball and sunrise/sunsets at the beach for a week. I am very happy to have some down time before things get crazy different for the Massey family in July! More on that later.






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Happy 1 year to me!



Misty Mornings

Misty Mornings

It has been one year ago today that I started on my photography journey, and what a year it has been!  Last year on April 21, 2012, I took a 1 day  Spring workshop in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park given by Richard Bernabe. I had been doing some research on photography and light earlier last year and came across his website, Earth and Light.  Within a short amount of time reading his blogs, which are humorous, looking at his images, which I get lost in, and looking at his workshop schedule, I knew I wanted to learn from this man. I began to follow him on twitter and Facebook and bought his ebooks. One day in March he announced an opening to his Spring workshop in the Smoky Mountains so I jumped on it and signed up. I have to say that was one of the best things that I did for myself last year. Richard is not only a wonderful photographer, but he is a great teacher who helps each participant at his/her own level of experience. Richard helped me start on my road to “seeing” differently and setting up better compositions as well as give me some helpful tips on how to work my camera a little better, and even how to work with my flimsy tripod. We all had a good time and a lot of good laughs. The most important thing I came away with that day though is when Richard and I talked one-on-one and I told him what I would like to do. His question back to me has stayed with me this whole year.  He simply asked…”Why don’t you do it then?”  I told him my fears and reasons and his response was, “Aren’t those excuses, just do it, Kristy, if you really want to do it?” So to say I just got photography tips out of the workshop would be a lie. I got a life lesson as well. It has been this little push that has started me out on one of the most fun years of my life.  Since April 21 of last year I have continue to learn about what I am most passionate about and have met some fantastic people in the process.   I also have been able to travel to places like Colorado, Utah (twice), Nevada, California (Once for Richard’s Yosemite workshop and then again by myself), Smoky mountains several times, various places in North and South Carolina, and Florida practicing what I love to do , only because I have set aside my fears and excuses. Life is worth living and doing the things you dream about. Now I have fun dreaming and doing!

Last week I went back to the Smoky Mountains to celebrate my 1 year in photography. Here are a few images from my trip. Hope you enjoy, and please check out Richard Bernabe’s website and sign up for one of his workshops! I promise you won’t be sorry.

Not Alone


Quiet Reflections


Roaring Splendor


Spring is Here!


Whisper to Me Sweet Nothings


Slow Awakening


Small Pleasures in Life




Grotto Falls


Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Thanks for having a look!

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Dreaming of Distant Places

Tufa Lovin

Tufa Lovin

(She lives in a tufa castle in the middle of the lake, surrounded by giant tufa towers where she seeks adventure and the pleasure and excitement of a simple sunset.  However, in her tufa world there are no big black bugs that move the earth and her tufa’s have the fragrance of Tea Olives… Her world is perfectly as she dances and walks on water inside her head.)

Okay, it’s time for this girl to grab her camera and get traveling before she finds herself standing on top of a chair peering over a fence taking pictures of the boy’s high school baseball games.  (Yes, I’m kind of short, so I need a chair.) I am looking forward to the 45+ games that I will be fortunate to see and take pictures of this season, at least I will try and see most of them. It is a little hard when both sons are playing on the same night, but I will do my best. So before that starts in three weeks I am putting on my traveling shoes and grabbing my camera, and heading South for a few days with my family for Florida to go snorkeling in the Keys, see family and enjoy the sun… not that we need warm weather at all, it has been in the high 70’s this last week here in SC. It will be a great little four day weekend with the fam. When we come home on Monday I get to repack for my trip to UT, NV, and CA for a couple of weeks. Scott will spend the 1st week carrying my camera bag and entertaining me, not to mention teaching me yet again how to read a stupid compass and map, and basic survival skills like using a gerber tool knife thingy to pop open a bottle of wine. I will be on my own for 9 days finally appeasing  my adventurous spirit by checking out new places, shooting a ton of pictures to hopefully get a few good ones, maybe meeting new people if they talk to me, and hopefully not getting too lost. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks!

Well Played

Well Played

(She waited with excitement, than He came. She watched in awe as he painted the sky in front of her; she smiled. He spoke no words to her, but she knew what he would do next…She closed her eyes… She sighs as she knows he is now just a memory.)

The images are from this past Sept in Mono Lake, CA. I won’t be traveling that far north into CA this time, I don’t think, but who knows… the wind might carry me there or up the coast. We shall see.

Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend! I will be swimming with the fish and hopefully taking some pictures of them. :) enjoy y’all and be safe!

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If I were a tree

Holidays are over, kids are back in school, and I find it fitting that the first three work days for the new year have the initials WTF!  I feel like I am a week behind already, as the new year takes off into a full sprint… Welcome to my world.  As I was tossing “Christmas” into boxes yesterday to get the house back to normal, I had sometime to be introspective and do some personal housecleaning as well.  I never have been a big fan on new year resolutions, because I always break them within the first few weeks of January… which is probably why my husband refers to me as the “two-week girl.” However, at the beginning of every year I still like to take inventory on where I am physically, mentally, and spiritually, and where I want to be in those areas a year from now.  So, my New Year’s resolutions are few in number this year; just two of them…  to live life fully and to give life back… just like a tree.


“Living and Giving Life”

DSC_0834In my last post Top 12 of 2012  I picked “Living and Giving Life” as one of my favorite images this last year.  It was one of those pictures I couldn’t throw out so I added it to the 12.  When I first saw a picture of  ” The Angel Oak, Johns Island” from Richard Bernabe’s e-book, South Carolina Wonder & Light, I knew I had to go and find her and witness her beauty for myself. She did not disappoint. I could have stayed there all day and laid under her shade while imagining hundreds of stories she could have told me of the things she had witnessed over her long life. Children climbing her branches,  romantic first kisses, the family picnics, the breakups, the hurricane’s she faced and conquered, the droughts she weathered and the wars she had witnessed all played themselves out like a movie inside my head. As I walked around her many times gawking at her massive branches that are now supported, this angel touched my soul.


This tree, the Angel Oak, is a seeker of light, and lives everyday to find it. She will bend in whatever way she has to in order to reach the best light she can find, because without it she will parish.  She offers shade for the weary, she provides shelter, and she whispers words of inspirations and encouragement to those who will listen. Yes, this is how I want to be. Her lesson to me that day was a simple one… Just live and give. Be open to change and find away to make things happen. Bend if you must to find what it is you seek. Don’t use your fear as excuses to stunt your growth. Just be who you were created to be and live life fully, today. In that you will become a strong, beautiful person who can give to others who are in need.

2013 will be a great year of learning, conquering old fears and demons, stepping outside myself, and seeking light in new ways.  I start “living life to its fullest”  in a few weeks for my first adventure of the year. I get to satisfy my itchy travel feet out West in Death Valley, and wherever else the wind will take me. The first week will be with my husband as we celebrate our 20 years together, and the second half will be on my own. And yes, I will be a good student this time and learn how to read a compass and map so when I do get lost… which I always do, I will be able to find my way back. Oh, and I promise to take a flashlight too :) No worries…. It’s all part of stepping outside myself and doing what I love despite my hidden fears. 😉

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Cheers

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