If I were a tree

Holidays are over, kids are back in school, and I find it fitting that the first three work days for the new year have the initials WTF!  I feel like I am a week behind already, as the new year takes off into a full sprint… Welcome to my world.  As I was tossing “Christmas” into boxes yesterday to get the house back to normal, I had sometime to be introspective and do some personal housecleaning as well.  I never have been a big fan on new year resolutions, because I always break them within the first few weeks of January… which is probably why my husband refers to me as the “two-week girl.” However, at the beginning of every year I still like to take inventory on where I am physically, mentally, and spiritually, and where I want to be in those areas a year from now.  So, my New Year’s resolutions are few in number this year; just two of them…  to live life fully and to give life back… just like a tree.


“Living and Giving Life”

DSC_0834In my last post Top 12 of 2012  I picked “Living and Giving Life” as one of my favorite images this last year.  It was one of those pictures I couldn’t throw out so I added it to the 12.  When I first saw a picture of  ” The Angel Oak, Johns Island” from Richard Bernabe’s e-book, South Carolina Wonder & Light, I knew I had to go and find her and witness her beauty for myself. She did not disappoint. I could have stayed there all day and laid under her shade while imagining hundreds of stories she could have told me of the things she had witnessed over her long life. Children climbing her branches,  romantic first kisses, the family picnics, the breakups, the hurricane’s she faced and conquered, the droughts she weathered and the wars she had witnessed all played themselves out like a movie inside my head. As I walked around her many times gawking at her massive branches that are now supported, this angel touched my soul.


This tree, the Angel Oak, is a seeker of light, and lives everyday to find it. She will bend in whatever way she has to in order to reach the best light she can find, because without it she will parish.  She offers shade for the weary, she provides shelter, and she whispers words of inspirations and encouragement to those who will listen. Yes, this is how I want to be. Her lesson to me that day was a simple one… Just live and give. Be open to change and find away to make things happen. Bend if you must to find what it is you seek. Don’t use your fear as excuses to stunt your growth. Just be who you were created to be and live life fully, today. In that you will become a strong, beautiful person who can give to others who are in need.

2013 will be a great year of learning, conquering old fears and demons, stepping outside myself, and seeking light in new ways.  I start “living life to its fullest”  in a few weeks for my first adventure of the year. I get to satisfy my itchy travel feet out West in Death Valley, and wherever else the wind will take me. The first week will be with my husband as we celebrate our 20 years together, and the second half will be on my own. And yes, I will be a good student this time and learn how to read a compass and map so when I do get lost… which I always do, I will be able to find my way back. Oh, and I promise to take a flashlight too 🙂 No worries…. It’s all part of stepping outside myself and doing what I love despite my hidden fears. 😉

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Cheers

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