Happy 1 year to me!

It has been one year ago today that I started on my photography journey, and what a year it has been!  Last year on April 21, 2012, I took a 1 day  Spring workshop in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park given by Richard Bernabe. I had been doing some research on photography and light earlier last year and came across his website, Earth and Light.  Within a short amount of time reading his blogs, which are humorous, looking at his images, which I get lost in, and looking at his workshop schedule, I knew

I wanted to learn from this man. I began to follow him on twitter and Facebook and bought his ebooks. One day in March he announced an opening to his Spring workshop in the Smoky Mountains so I jumped on it and signed up. I have to say that was one of the best things that I did for myself last year. Richard is not only a wonderful photographer, but he is a great teacher who helps each participant at his/her own level of experience. Richard helped me start on my road to “seeing” differently and setting up better compositions as well as give me some helpful tips on how to work my camera a little better, and even how to work with my flimsy tripod. We all had a good time and a lot of good laughs. The most important thing I came away with that day though is when Richard and I talked one-on-one and I told him what I would like to do. His question back to me has stayed with me this whole year.  He simply asked…”Why don’t you do it then?”  I told him my fears and reasons and his response was, “Aren’t those excuses, just do it, Kristy, if you really want to do it?” So to say I just got photography tips out of the workshop would be a lie. I got a life lesson as well. It has been this little push that has started me out on one of the most fun years of my life.  Since April 21 of last year I have continue to learn about what I am most passionate about and have met some fantastic people in the process.   I also have been able to travel to places like Colorado, Utah (twice), Nevada, California (Once for Richard’s Yosemite workshop and then again by myself), Smoky mountains several times, various places in North and South Carolina, and Florida practicing what I love to do , only because I have set aside my fears and excuses. Life is worth living and doing the things you dream about. Now I have fun dreaming and doing!

Last week I went back to the Smoky Mountains to celebrate my 1 year in photography. Here are a few images from my trip. Hope you enjoy, and please check out Richard Bernabe’s website and sign up for one of his workshops! I promise you won’t be sorry.

Not Alone


Quiet Reflections


Roaring Splendor


Spring is Here!


Whisper to Me Sweet Nothings

Misty Mornings

Misty Mornings


Slow Awakening


Small Pleasures in Life




Grotto Falls


Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

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