Just a Mom with a Camera

Ok, funny story…

I am out at my son’s baseball game last weekend and I decided not to take any pictures of the first game because we were just kicking some butt and I really couldn’t call it a game… I really have to feel a game to be able to shoot it, this one… not so much… so I left my baby in the bag. I got up to get a drink for my son and someone says “hey, are you that photographer?” Frankly, it took me a little bit to process the  question because I am always ready for “hey, are you Aidan’s mom or Derek’s mom or Kaitie’s mom”… So when there wasn’t a ‘mom’ in that question I froze and didn’t really know how to respond. Then I heard photographer… Well, I don’t take that word lightly nor am I quick to call myself a photographer because I feel one must earn that title with many years of experience and I only have one and a half years under my belt. I did struggle to say yes, to the question, but I had to chuckle to myself because I see myself as just a mom with a camera when I am on any field shooting any sport even if my kid isn’t playing. I try to get that shot that I would want hanging on my refrigerator.  So a photographer? Not yet in my book. I have a few more years of learning before I can take on that title.

So how did I come to make a website for my sports pictures if I am just a mom with a camera?  When I bought my camera in 2011 I bought it with the intent to take better close up pictures of my kids playing sports. I hated the far away shots I got from my point-and-shoot camera that showed little people in the middle of a huge green field. I reached out to a few Photog friends that I knew from my high school and my college days and they all said the same thing… Camera body isn’t as important as the glass. They directed me to buying a fast lens (f/2.8).  I went all out and bought the best lenses I could for shooting sports as a mom from the sidelines. Once I got my new baby, I, of course, had to practice and so I began practicing not only on my kids but on their teammates as well. Last year while I was shooting baseball during the SCDI tournament we hosted in Blythewood, the local paper asked me to shoot a few for the paper. I was happy to do so. Since then I have been shooting a variety of sports for The Independent Voice.  It has been fun and very challenging to learn how to shoot the different sports like golf, tennis, football, and volleyball. Being a mom of three very active kids I love seeing any picture of my little darlings that anyone takes of them. It is for that reason I began a website for the sports I shoot.. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I have enjoyed taking them. If you see me on the field, say hi!DSC_8637


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