Head to Head

In a few weeks I will be heading to Nags Head, NC to start a little cycling adventure. I have just about everything planned out for my trip and now am just waiting on the summer beach traffic to die down and hotel prices to drop. When I took my last bike trip in 2012 from the Mountains to the Sea in SC, I decided then that this would be my next cycling trip. I am calling this adventure Head to Head. I will be riding from Nags Head, NC to Hilton Head, SC  and hopefully covering 60-80 miles a day. The plan is to ride about 9 or 10 days with a day of rest. I will of course contend with the weather and her issues if she decides to rain on me and slow me down, so we will see how many days it will actually take me.

I have been asked why I am doing this by a few people, and my answer is simple… Because I feel like a slug, and it’s time to challenge myself at something difficult again. So here I am a few weeks out and ready to ride… well at least i am mentally. I haven’t done much training for this, so we will see how it all pans out.

I decided to make a blog this time for this trip so that my family and friends can follow my progress.  I know, I know the name for this post is kind of corny, but there is  some sentimental meaning to it. The story behind it is:  We took a family vacation to the Outer Bank, NC about 8 years ago and  stopped at Currituck Beach Lighthouse.  The plan was for my whole family to go to the top and I was to take a picture of them from the ground.  When they got up there, my cute little nephew of 3 began to scream “Kristy, Where are you?” in a sing-song voice over and over and over which could be heard for miles away I am sure.  He was too cute!  Now years later, any phone calls I miss from any of my family members, they leave me a voice message in their best 3-year-old voice asking where I am. Since my mom will be reading this blog to follow my progress on my trip, I figured I would make it easy for her to find me on the web with her iPad… She won’t be able to forget,  🙂 So it was named for my mom to find me without any difficulty.

Scan 2-2Here is the “Kristy, Where are you?” (said in a 3 year old sing-song voice) photo that I took of my family many years ago.

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