Ride with GPS

I took a pic of this beautiful animal as I was testing out the Ride with GPS app I bought for my phone. Just wanted to see how easy it is to add iPhone photos to it.  While taking the photo I was looking at this wire between the fence.  We all know what those are. However, as I am screaming to myself not to touch the wire, I go ahead and touch the blasted wire… Sometimes I amaze myself.  Yeah, I got shocked.  Thankfully it wasn’t bad and I just dropped my phone and said a few words at myself.  Wow!

Ride with GPS works great and I highly recommend it to any cyclist out there looking for an app that you can route your rides beforehand or just go for a ride and it tracks it.  My favorite feature is when you have a route planed beforehand it will beep at you when your turn is coming up.  This feature is a must have for me because I kind of zone out and just keep riding and riding and then I have to backtrack.  Last bike trip I took I added quite a few miles to my overall trip.  So as long as I have battery life on my phone, this little app will do me well.  It also has a photo feature which is nice.  You can also save the ride and publish it to a larger number of app users so that if they are looking for a new route in the area they can try yours.  I like it!  It even makes a little postcard for you to post if you want to send it to friends.  Cyclist friends check it out… If you do look at my stats for the ride today, just don’t judge me…I was lollygagging today with no real motivation to set records.

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