Charleston, How I Fear You…

Kaitie and I got to see Derek this past Labor Day weekend in Charleston… God, I miss and love that guy and am so thankful he is mine!  I took down some shoes that we had resoled and also his jeep seat covers that finally came in after 8 weeks of waiting.  Have to admit I wasn’t fond of the duck camo choice he picked out for “Black Betty”.  I would have picked out just plain black. But it does look good.  She rocks the duck weed.

photo 2

Love him in uniform


photo 1

Dee and his girl Tay



Kaitie and Derek… my precious

Saturday the Citadel Bulldogs had a football game, so while Kaitie and Derek and their friends were there sweltering in 92 degree, Charleston, muggy weather, I chose to go drive the route I will be taking through Charleston on my bike in less than two weeks.  Now I’m not so sure that was such a good idea…  Out of all the cities I will be riding through, for some reason this is the one that gets me a little worked up.  I had planned on taking the Ashley Greenway which is a cycling/runner/ walker path.  It  parallels Hwy 17  for 10 miles and I thought it would be a godsend, however, I discovered that 7-8 of those miles are gravel and sand… Not cool for me with a road bike and thin tires.  Do I chance a tire popping on it, or do I suck up the heavy traffic for 10 miles…. I will be on day 8 of my trip at this point and I will be a little tired.  I have since come home and revisited my maps and I still can’t come up with a better route around Hwy 17, which by the way is grated on the shoulder.  I HATE grated shoulders!  17 is a 4 lane hwy so cars can get in the other lane passing me, so maybe that is the option.   What to do, What to do???  I can remap my route altogether and not even come through Charleston, but then I wouldn’t get to see Derek or eat some of the best food in South Carolina.  So I have crossed that idea out.  I am hoping that by cycling through the city during a weekday, it won’t be as crazy on 17 as I think it will be. The one thing I am looking forward to other than food in Charleston and seeing Dee is that I will be crossing over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.  It is the only “big” hill I will face on my whole trip! Woohoo!  Once I make it though the city I will be facing my longest day.  I think I have 83 miles to do that day.   There is nothing between Charleston and Beaufort, and no easy way there because of all the Lowcountry salt marsh and tidal creeks.  It will be pretty, though, riding through the Lowcountry with all her Oaks, Spanish moss, and the salt marsh listening to the loud summer songs of the Cricket’s, Katydid’s and Cicada’s.  Half of me is excited to get to Charleston and just do it!  The other half of me is excited in the fear kind of excitement…and am looking for an out…

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