Junk in My Trunk

Today is all about going over my packing list and printing off my maps.   As Scott has kindly pointed out, I have everything but the kitchen sink strapped onto my bike.   I have added a bike trunk instead of huffing it out with a backpack on my back for 600 miles.  Because I have space now, I am going to lug my camera.  I am excited about this because I haven’t been shooting for a long time.  So now I will not only be challenging my body and mind, I will also get to nourish my soul as well.  However, with adding the heavy and bulky camera it doesn’t give me much room for clothes.  I have had to down size my clothing articles to one pair of riding clothes and one after ride outfit.  Yes, I do plan on showering and washing my previous day cycling clothes and wearing deodorant so I shouldn’t be too ripe. 🙂  It’s worth giving up space to take my camera.  Excited!  However, I will make the final decision about leaving tomorrow or wait until the 1st week in Oct.  The weather is NOT looking good at all.  Not sure I want to ride in the rain, yet not sure I want to wait either… what to do, what to do….

So here is my list of junk in my trunk:

photo 2-1


photo 1-1


-spare tire I carry with me all the time 🙂

On Bike:
– trunk
-rain cover and budgie cord with tail light
-2 mophie phone chargers
-2 water bottles
-head light
-iPhone/rain case
-tiny pannier/ rain cover

Junk In Trunk

Supplies for bike
-small rag
-4 CO2 cartridges/ plus nozzles
-2 tubes
– oil
– tire levers
– emergency spoke
– emergency chain links
– tire pump
– pressure gauge
– bike tools that I don’t know what they are for

Supplies for me
-hair thingies
-bug repellant
-butt cream
-first aid
-tp/wet ones
-2 buffs
– socks
-undies/sports bra
-one t-shirt
– bike shorts
– tank for riding
-rain/wind jacket
-baseball hat

Camera supplies
-2 lenses
-3 filters
– charger/cable release
-gorilla tripod
-lens cleaning stuff
-rain cover
-phone charger

I’m ready to rock-n-roll!!!


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