Rain Delay

I was all packed and ready to leave today but I decided to delay my bike trip due to the next 10 days of nothing but thunderstorms predicted for the whole duration of my trip.  I had planned on a few days of rain, but not 10 freakin days! There comes a point of how much of a challenge I want, and at this point I am already challenging myself with riding on busy roads everyday, riding through big cities I am unfamiliar with, riding with a not so good hip flexor and iliopsoas muscle, and just completing my 600 plus miles.  Adding rain everyday to the mix is where I draw the line.  I should have planned a kayak trip instead.  Anyway, it is sunny and blue skies today and I am frustrated at this point because I am truthfully tired of thinking about this trip.  I just want to be on my way and get on with it already.  I have been wanting to do this for two years and planning for it the last three months.  So another three weeks  of waiting is a bit of  torture for me.  Hopefully, I made the right decision.  I guess the good part in postponing is that I can prepare my butt, hands, neck a bit more for this long trip.  DSC_5388

Here is a picture of an old church ruin in Beaufort County that I will be riding past. I am eager to be amidst the old oak trees adorned in all their lacy Spanish Moss dreaming of what life was like in the Lowcountry during 1700’s.  I just discovered there are a few Plantations near this church ruin that aren’t to far off my route.  I will ride past them as well to see more of the area.  Just pray for no rain on that day!  I would like to enjoy that part of the trip.

8 thoughts on “Rain Delay

  1. Mom

    Sorry about the rain delay, but you made a wise choice. First time on blog and love it!
    Still learning is thing. One problem with delay I will be on my own adventure Israel!

    • Kristy Massey

      Yes, I figured you would be happy to hear this. Didn’t want you to worry more than you already are about me :). And you wonder where I get my crazy ideas! Learn how to use your iPad so you know how I am doing when you are over there. After all I chose “kristywhereareyou.com’s name so you would remember my blog site. 😉 smart huh? Wish you would know how to blog so I could follow you on your adventure. Guess I will settle for an email or two from you. 🙂

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