Breaking Point Day 7

My plans had been to drive with Kaitie to Charleston today to meet up with Derek and family for Parent’s weekend at the Citadel.  He said he would be available after 3 because he needed to study a bit before the weekend.  So I jumped on my bike hoping to get to Mt Pleasant.  I knew it would be a long day, but I had such a good day yesterday I thought I could do it again.  Wrong!  South Carolina roads are NOT like North Carolina roads. IMG_8332They are much worse.  They have a rumbling strip on the white line and hardly a shoulder at all.  I felt like I was riding on a tight rope most of the day.  They debris on the side of the road is pretty bad too.  If it were a country road it would be a different story. But there really is only one road that takes you to Charleston and that is hwy 17. From about Murrells Inlet to Pawleys Island there was a nice bike path but it was slow going because it weaved in and out wooded areas and it wasn’t a smooth ride.  They paved over tree roots etc.  It’s IMG_8333more for the local tourist with a beach cruiser.  I was thankful for it nonetheless due to the relentless traffic.  After I left the quiet neighborhoods of Pawleys Island I got on hwy 17 again and I began to lose it mentally because of no shoulder to ride on and the damn rumble strip.  I pulled over after about a mile and called Kaitie to come and get me, I was done.  I didn’t want to go any further! In fact, I decided I was done with this whole trip.  As fate would have it, she said she was an hour and a half away and asked me to give her a specific address as to where I was so she could find me. Girl, I’m at the side of the road!  I don’t want to ride to a gas station.  I am done!  Ugh!  Anyway, I told her I would ride until I found a gas station and then give her an address.


Happy today is OVER

There was NO gas stations until Georgetown which was about 7 more miles of nothing but torture.  I had to put on my big girl panties and suck it up and crossover the bridge and pray the whole time I was riding.  I made it to a McDonald’s and tried to relax for a bit while waiting on Kaitie to rescue me.  As I was spiraling down into the “I’m going to Quit” mode, I got a text from my Bestie and she gave me a few little quotes that helped get my mind back in the game.  Then a another friend text me a cute picture saying “you got this”  not knowing I had already quit in my mind.  Before Kaitie got there I had someone else Facebook message me some encouraging words too.  I appreciate all the encouragement I have gotten along the way so far and I especially appreciated it today.  These friends had IMG_8225no idea I was throwing in the towel, but because of their cheering me on my way, it snapped me out of my funk and got me back on my bike again.  Thank you!

When Kaitie arrived I told her to just met me in McClellanville, SC.  I had ended a Mountain to Sea bike trip there and I figured I could at least end this trip there, or pick it up on Sunday at that point.  I tried a couple of side roads that ended up being timber roads or just gravel, so I had to turn around and face the hum of the traffic and try to focus on the Cicadas to keep my cadence at a consistent speed.  It really wasn’t a fun day at all.  I was glad to get to Charleston, to be with people I love the most and glad to know I had a day off coming my way!  Here is my ride in two different parts.  Check it out at RidewithGPS pt 1 and RidewithGPS pt 2day7pt1 Day7pt2

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