My Favorite of 2014

Another year in the books!  I feel like it was just a few months ago that I was compiling my favorite images from 2013. Life is getting faster and faster. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite images from 2014. It usually is a hard process to weed down to a few of my favorites, however, this year wasn’t difficult at all because I didn’t travel as much.  Some of the images probably shouldn’t be in here, but with a few of them I just said screw it, and so they are in there!  It’s sometimes hard to be objective when they’re your own (more…)


Top 12 of 2013

I know this is late, but now that I have a fully organized, working and backed up computer I figured it was time to finish up this project I started shortly after Christmas before my computer went kaput!  Back in October I spoke to someone about how I was a little disappointed with my year as a “photographer” because many of my plans never came to fruition.  The conversation just left me a little hollow, because it was then I realized I was just letting a few of my life’s hardships put a damper (more…)

high five before we start putting on the brakes

Feelin Alive!

I never once thought jumping out of a perfectly good airplane was a great idea growing up. If someone were to ask me to go skydiving several years ago because it was on their bucket list, I would’ve  told them to count this girl out because it was on my “NO FREAKIN WAY” list.  So how did I find myself dangling my legs out of a tiny airplane 14,000 ft in the air, strapped bum to cojones to a man I just met moments earlier, thinking “Thank God one of us has a pair!”??? (more…)

Misty Mornings

Before and After

I have to give a big shout out to John Barclay for taking the time to help me open my eyes on how to bring a lifeless image alive with Photoshop and Nik software.
After I posting the “Before” lifeless image of Sparks Lane in Cades Cove on Facebook, John was kind enough to offer me some tips on how to bring it to life without me soliciting his help. Needless to say, I was extremely happy he was willing to share his expertise. John went over and beyond just the “Hey, you should adjust levels and add contrast, etc…” and took his time to make me a short video (more…)

Tufa Love

Dreaming of Distant Places


Tufa Lovin

(She lives in a tufa castle in the middle of the lake, surrounded by giant tufa towers where she seeks adventure and the pleasure and excitement of a simple sunset.  However, in her tufa world there are no big black bugs that move the earth and her tufa’s have the fragrance of Tea Olives… Her world is perfectly as she dances and walks on water inside her head.) (more…)


If I were a tree

Holidays are over, kids are back in school, and I find it fitting that the first three work days for the new year have the initials WTF!  I feel like I am a week behind already, as the new year takes off into a full sprint… Welcome to my world.  As I was tossing “Christmas” into boxes yesterday to get the house back to normal, I had sometime to be introspective and do some personal housecleaning as well.  I never have been a big fan on new year resolutions, because I always break them within the first few weeks of January… (more…)