Easy Breezy Day 6

After yesterday’s ride and all that happened and knowing I had to ride through Wilmington, NC during morning traffic I was really dreading getting out of bed. I made it out the door and on the road a little ways when I realized I had left my cycle gloves back at the hotel.  I did remember my water bottles though, so that was a plus.  So I turned back and retrieved them.  Wilmington is a very cycle friendly city.  I had a bike path the whole way through the center of town.  It was great! Then I made it to River Road and I had 8 miles of basically me and the road along a river.  It was a great morning ride and I would ride through Wilmington anytime!   Read More

A Day of First’s Day 5

Check out my ride on RidewithGPS.  Today was a big day for me. Scott needed to get home so in the morning he drove me on the other side of Jacksonville saving me 10 miles and riding in morning hour traffic. Have to say I was a bit nervous about the thought of not having him close by. My mind began the “what if” game and my stomach kind of sunk as I watched him drive off and I was wondering why was I not just going home with him. My body ached, I didn’t know where I was going to stay or how far I could get, blah blah blah… So to drown out the doubt I jumped on my bike and headed for my first turn to get off of 17. Wouldn’t you know it, it was a gated off-road leading to Camp Lejeune. Read More

A Gift Day 4

This morning I was a little bit demotivated because I had to have Scott drive me about 21 miles back to the place where he picked me up last night. I sometimes think it is harder for me to see the route in a city before actually doing it because it leaves me with a hole in my stomach seeing the traffic, the construction, the potholes, and doubting my ability as to where I can do it or not.  The trip back to Stacy was a  long one even though it was 21 miles… Read More

Night Rider Day 3

Interesting day today. I woke up fully intending to ride over 60 miles today, however I managed to crank out a big 15 miles through Ocracoke and another 15 miles through the Cedar Island Wildlife Reserve! Wow! Yay me. Note to self, on days you take a ferry ride be sure to check the schedule prior to getting to station. That way you won’t take you’re sweet time and miss the earlier ferry! So I had to wait 3 hours for my 2 1/2 hour ferry ride to Cedar Island (said with a ‘sk’ sound so said a local Cedar Islander). So today was boat day because I have spent more time on it than my bike. Read More

Warmup Days One and Two

imageTwo days of riding under my belt… Or my butt I should say.  I haven’t pushed myself at all yet by spending all day on the bike because I have wanted to spend time enjoying this area with my hubster.  It’s really been fun so far despite my absent-mindedness in leaving my purse in a restaurant, losing my very good polarized filter for my camera somewhere, and leaving my water bottles in the last hotel we stayed out! Yikes and it is only the first two days of my trip…. Read More

Motivation Needed

Ok, Truth be told this last week was a little difficult to stay motivated for my upcoming bike trip.  I’d much rather start planning for my CA trip I will be taking in Nov.  At the moment a photo trip sounds a lot less taxing physically than riding a bike down the coast of the Carolinas…  Whenever I start talking myself out of something or allow fear, self-doubt, and others to get inside my head, I usually read Read More

Rain Delay

I was all packed and ready to leave today but I decided to delay my bike trip due to the next 10 days of nothing but thunderstorms predicted for the whole duration of my trip.  I had planned on a few days of rain, but not 10 freakin days! There comes a point of how much of a challenge I want, and at this point I am already challenging myself with riding on busy roads everyday, riding through big cities I am unfamiliar with, riding with a not so good hip flexor and iliopsoas muscle, and just completing my 600 plus miles. Read More

Junk in My Trunk

Today is all about going over my packing list and printing off my maps.   As Scott has kindly pointed out, I have everything but the kitchen sink strapped onto my bike.   I have added a bike trunk instead of huffing it out with a backpack on my back for 600 miles.  Because I have space now, I am going to lug my camera.  I am excited about this because I haven’t been shooting for a long time.  So now I will not only be challenging my body and mind, I will also get to nourish my soul as well.   Read More

Charleston, How I Fear You…

Kaitie and I got to see Derek this past Labor Day weekend in Charleston… God, I miss and love that guy and am so thankful he is mine!  I took down some shoes that we had resoled and also his jeep seat covers that finally came in after 8 weeks of waiting.  Have to admit I wasn’t fond of the duck camo choice he picked out for “Black Betty”.  I would have picked out just plain black. But it does look good.  She rocks the duck weed. Read More

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